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Get Set Learn Family Literacy Training & Certification

Get Set Learn Family Literacy Training & Certification

Helping you remove barriers and empower families through literacy

Literacy plays a crucial role in a family’s health and ability to thrive. Our certification program is designed to help practitioners learn and apply the key components of family literacy in order to increase the literacy skills and wellbeing of the families they support.

Diverse Curriculum

Diverse Curriculum

  • Four diverse modules that cover
    • Family literacy essentials
    • Principles of adult learning
    • Holistic and strengths-based approaches
    • Working with diverse and marginalized populations
Convenient and Flexible

Convenient and Flexible

  • Easily accessible online modules that you can complete at your own pace
  • Ongoing support from instructors
  • Adaptable content for anyone
  • Become certified to run the Get Set Learn program or focus on individual modules that address your families needs (included with Certification)
Build Lasting Connections

Build Lasting Connections

  • Opportunities to implement and practice strategies (included with Certification)
  • Connect with other peers and literacy experts (included with Certification)
  • Receive up-to-date information on family literacy and upcoming opportunities

About the courses

Individuals must complete the course materials within 4 months. Registration is ongoing - scroll down to register today!

GSL Family Literacy TrainingGSL Family Literacy Certification
Course time18 hours*24 hours*
Includesindependent study and a group sessionindependent study, group session and practicum
Cost$375.00 per person$575.00 per person
* Timing is approximate. Estimates are based on actual user experiences.

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The GSL Family Literacy Training and Certification courses are for people who want to:

  • Learn about family literacy
  • Use family literacy principles and practices in their work with parents and families
  • Run a Get Set Learn family literacy program in their agency (included with Certification)

Once you have completed the GSL Family Literacy Certification program, you will be certified to deliver GSL at your own agency. You will know more about Family Literacy and how to incorporate these practices into your own work. You will also have access to all the resources needed to run a GSL program, for example:

  • Printable curriculum for facilitators, parents, children, and childcare workers
  • Sample contracts and MOU’s
  • Sample budgets for planning
  • Promotional materials like logo, brand identity guidelines, buck cards and posters

As a GSL program delivery partner you agree to the following terms of use for delivery of Get Set Learn and maintaining your certification:

To deliver the Get Set Learn program, I agree to:

  • follow the facilitation guidelines provided in the certification course
  • have a certified individual deliver the program
  • use the program name “Get Set Learn”
  • introduce and discuss the 4 Key Messages of the program within parent program content
  • offer at least 5 of the parent program topics from the GSL curriculum
  • use of the GSL Parent Workbook and GSL Family Homebook are optional
  • report the quantitative data to PRLN after each offering (number of participants)

To maintain my certification, I agree to:

  • participate in 2 Family Literacy training offerings from Project READ annually (Free or Paid)
  • keep GSL resources confidential and only share with other certified individuals
  • use the Get Set Learn logo on all promotional materials and on learner certificates
  • follow the PRLN Branding Guidelines for appropriate use of design elements, logos and messaging.

Register Today

Register Today

These programs are offered through our online learning platform. You will need access to a computer and internet to complete the courses. Registration is ongoing.

  1. Click “Get Started” then select the course you are interested in.
  2. Create a personal user account and password.
  3. Enter your payment information and pay the course fee.
  4. Log in and learn at your own pace!
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