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We are dedicated to serving our diverse community.

We are committed to the education of adults, families and children. We strive to invite and greet everyone with care and open-mindedness. Through our services and programs, we pride ourselves on creating positive, safe, and inclusive experiences where adults and families can gain the confidence needed to improve their literacy and better their lives.


We strive to build relationships to further the improvement of Literacy in Waterloo-Wellington.

We are a dynamic community collaboration that works hard to find the best resources to help adults and families with their literacy and essential skills needs. We develop, in collaboration with the local Literacy & Basic Skills (LBS) agencies, training solutions to meet the literacy needs of our citizens. Our resourceful network includes literacy agencies, English as a second language programs, libraries, employment training organizations, and other advocates.


Our strength lies in our creative approach to new research, program and service delivery.

We are a forward-thinking organization that uses research and community input to identify the present and future literacy needs of our community. We are creative problem solvers and community connectors that work hard to find solutions, explain options, and connect people with the best resources to help them achieve their literacy goals.


We treat all stakeholders with respect and dignity.

We believe in the whole individual and all that comes with them. Building literacy and essential skills can not be separated from the other aspects of an individual’s dynamics and development. In order to make this happen, we collaborate with local organizations that support our community in different ways. From mental health and family and children’s services to cultural groups and neighbourhood associations, we work together to support individuals and families as a whole.

The holistic approach of attending programs and accessing resources, as an individual or with others, creates an experience that fosters a cycle of learning, collective growth and responsibility for more than one generation.